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Trust and Estate planning is an essential part of what we do here at Kirkevold Law Offices, Inc
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Establishment of a Guardianship is a multi-step process.
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The probate process insures that the decedent's creditors are paid, and that estate assets are identified and distributed to the heirs
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Medicaid & Medicare
Medicaid and Social Security are public benefits programs administered by state and local governments
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As a result of our aging population, there is an increasing need for legal assistance involving the needs of our elderly family members. With over 30 years of experience in Estate Planning, Wills, Probates, Guardianships, Medicaid, and other Elder Law issues, our firm has the experience and knowledge to assist you with the utmost competence, compassion, and understanding in your time of need.

Our firm brings a strong commitment to our client's goals, and our offices offer a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and energy. From our
attorney, to our staff, we understand the needs of our clients and have a strong belief that the practice of law should be done with honesty, compassion, and an understanding of each clients unique situation. Here at Kirkevold Law Office, Inc., we understand that when you come to us it is often because you are going through difficult times. We will work to build a relationship with you that will result in the achievement of your goals, and an experience that will ease the stress and burden of your individual situation.
Kevin Kirkevold Voted Best Attorney in Yakima 2009
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